Federico Gianni

Federico Gianni, designer of solid wood table AnDante, lives in Lindau, Germany. Born in the Italian Tuscany, he studied architecture in Florence. Giannis interest in construction and materials has always been strong.

Harri Koskinen

Harri Koskinen lives and works in Helsinki. He studied at EVTEK Institute of Art and Design and founded his own office in 1998. One of his first designs was the Fatty Container. Today, his clients include companies such as Alessi, Artek and Issey Miyake. Since 2009, Koskinen has been marketing a collection under his own name, and since 2012 he has been the design director of Iittala. The designer’s work has received numerous design awards worldwide.

Hans Karuga

Hans Karuga, designer of wardrobe Bertl, studied industrial design and founded his office near Munich in 2000. He designs accessories and furniture with a preference for the material wood. A further focus his work lies in the subject of light and lighting. Karugas products are characterized by a clear design language with technical sophistication and have already received several awards.

Sabine Bischof

Sabine Bischof, designer of chair Trix, lives and works in the Allgäu. She completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter, gained experience in various workshops and studied industrial design. In 1993 she founded her office, where she designs products and furniture. Bischof’s work has already received several awards.

Christian Steiner

Christian Steiner designed many pieces of our furniture collection, among them chair Exsel and chair Lapiz. A long-time collaboration connects us. Steiner lives and works in Vienna. his work has received great attention in national and international publications and has been awarded several prizes.

Leo Zogmayer

The artist Leo Zogmayer lives and works in Vienna. He studied with Herbert Tasquil at the University of Applied Arts. Since the 1980s, a large number of museums have presented his works in solo, thematic and group exhibitions, including mumok and MAK Vienna, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, the Dommuseum in Frankfurt, the Galerie Medium in Bratislava and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. Since the early nineties, Zogmayer has realized art projects in a wide variety of architectural contexts and created numerous sacred projects and liturgical spaces, also in collaboration with schmidinger möbelbau.

Irmgard Frank

Irmgard Frank, designer of storage furniture Trommel (Drum), lives and works in Vienna. She studied interior and industrial design at the University of Applied Arts. In 1987 she founded her own office. Frank designs exhibitions, single-family homes, office and store conversions, and furniture. As a lecturer, she has already worked for the ETH Zurich and the Technical University in Graz.

Helmut Galler

More than a long-standing collaboration connects us with Helmut Galler; he was also instrumental in founding our own furniture collection. The designer lives and works in Vienna. He studied architecture and founded his own company for construction and project management together with two partners. Along with Wolfgang Schmidinger, he received the Austrian State Prize for Design in 1996 for the collection furniture Damenschreibtisch. Other designs by Galler include table Massimo and table Blocktisch.