architect: steven holl, new york/us

„a sense of materiality, a high quality of craft and good proportions are major criteria for our selection of furniture. recently we have selected several pieces of furniture by schmidinger möbelbau for our project the lewis center for the performing arts currently under construction at princeton university in princeton, new jersey. for me, your willingness and expertise in response to my effort to make unique designs is a very special aspect of schmidinger möbelbau. the excellent craft, material and detail supporting my aspirations for inspiring architecture.”


retailer: simon glanville, chester/uk

„the collection of schmidinger möbelbau offers our uk customers a fusion of bespoke handcrafted product that is ideal for both a gallery and retail environment. store now has worked for over a decade with schmidinger möbelbau and we regard their family business as partners rather than suppliers.”


designer: harri koskinen, helsinki/finnland

„the reason for the fatty container was found in a very normal everyday need. on that time, i was moving from the student flat to another and had to store things in various containers. so why not to have premium wooden boxes for that need? instead of unpacking your belongings one can have containers visible in the living space.”

kunde: rupert manhart, bregenz/österreich

“the recommendation came from our architect dieter gross. we placed the order because we were impressed by wolfgang schmidinger’s planning and creativity. what particularly fascinated me was his handling of our not-so-common idea of the book tower. i remember we sat together one saturday and he came up with the idea to implement it – including materalization.”

House M