our workshop is located in the bregenzerwald, a small region in the very west of austria, between arlberg and lake constance. even today, the bregenzerwald is a region shaped by agriculture. its architecture and craftsmanship attract attention far beyond the borders.

the landscape forms an impressive symbiosis of gentle hills and alpine rock formations. for centuries this landscape shaped its people: stubborn, down-to-earth, innovative. locals have always known how to reconcile tradition and modernity.

craftmanship and building culture in the bregenzerwald are known far beyond the region. local work is characterized by awarness of aesthetics and resource-saving construction. parallel to the new architecture, an independent craftsmen’s scene has developed.

the photographs shown are provided by bregenzerwald tourismus.
copyrights: adolf bereuter, marion hirschbühl, ian ehm – friendship.is, christophe ketels, albrecht imanuel schnabel, benjamin schlachter, roswitha schneider