80 of the most innovative craftsmen joined together in 1999 to form the werkraum bregenzerwald. one of them was wolfgang schmidinger. this platform has an external impact with exhibitions, competitions and lectures, and an interal impact with development work and care for young talents.

the new age is for craftsmanship.

since 1999, the werkraum bregenzerwald with its around one hundred members has been uniting innovative craftsmanship under one roof. what started out as a regional initiative is now gaining international recognition. the joint effort brings a new image of craftsmanship – as a response to mass production of the global market.

consistent in form, function and technology.

craftsmanship has always been distinguished by its ability to combine the useful with the beautiful. this tradition coincides with the contemporary demand for form and function. the collaboration with designers and architects is therefore just as obvious as the application of modern technologies as well as addressing the issue of sustainability.

exchange, competition and cooperation give wings.

werkraum bregenzerwald is a platform and source of inspiration. independent companies find impulses, dialogue and the opportunity to work together on specific projects. core element for this is the competition handwerk+form. the house of werkraum bregenzerwald, planned by well-known architect peter zumthor, further strengthens the impulse function.

craftsmanship has retained its high status. the focus on quality in every aspect makes working, producing and living in the bregenzerwald more attractive than ever.


text: werkraum bregenzerwald
pictures: bregenzerwald tourismus / copyrights: florian holzherr, peter löwy