handwerk+form 2023

design competition in the bregenzerwald

Handwerk+Form, one of the most important design competitions in the crafts sector, starts today and will take place for the 9th time in 2023. The competition, initiated by Werkraum Bregenzerwald, is a source of inspiration for crafts culture and encourages cooperation between regional companies and designers from the area and abroad.

This innovative idea has characterized schmidinger möbelbau since the 90s and connects the workshop in Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald, with the world.

For managing director Wolfgang Schmidinger, co-founder and today member of Werkraum, the competition is an opportunity to deepen long-standing design cooperations and to get to know new designers.

Together with Christian Steiner (Austria), Sabine Bischof (Germany) and Armin Muhamedagić (Liechtenstein), five objects were created: the easy chair Daisy, children’s table plenum and children’s stool Pleni, the pull-out sofa Day & Night as well as the chair couple Dur & Moll.

Together with all the submissions – a total of 79 from over 35 participating craft companies from the region – the objects can be seen on the exhibition tour from October 13 to 22, 2023. Starting from the Werkraum house in Andelsbuch, the tour leads through special locations and historic buildings in the village.

For those particularly interested, the Werkraum offers guided tours with a look behind the scenes.

Exhibition tour
Friday to Sunday | 13 to 15 and 20 to 22 October 2023, daily from 10 am to 6 pm

understanding delta

new design university st. pölten

Led by engineer Robert Riesenhuber, the students of the New Design University worked on chair Delta (schmidinger möbelbau collection) in the course “Design, Craft & Material Culture”. The design comes from Austrian Christian Steiner.

A timeless classic: In 1998 Delta was produced for the first time by the team around managing director Wolfgang Schmidinger in Bregenzerwald, shortly afterwards it was included in Jasper Morrison’s “International Design Handbook” and exhibited in the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne. Since 1999, form lovers have found the chair in numerous design exhibitions, publications and international specialist literature.

Typical for the works of designer Christian Steiner are functionality and reduction, whereby the apparent minimalism of his products is less style than attitude towards life. With a sensitive sense of essentiality, his goal is to omit the unnecessary. The results are simple, almost ascetic objects that are characterized by long aesthetic and functional durability (from “Designlandschaft Österreich” | Tulga Bayerle | 2006).

About the project: First the construction of the chair was analyzed and measured, then the students worked out the individual parts and built their own Delta. This way they learned to understand the statics, construction and as well as the successful design. Project management: Ing. Robert Riesenhuber (ATMO DESIGN – TECHNIK)

Foto-Credits: New Design University

invitation to participate

design competition handwerk+form 2023

On June 9, 2023 the submission deadline for the 9th design competition Handwerk+Form in Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg, ends. The submissions are developed in collaboration between a craft company and a designer, an architect, or someone with other design competence. This ensures the form-giving examination of the task. The schmidinger möbelbau team invites designers, creators and architects to develop and produce great things together. Many submissions found their way via our own furniture collection to successfull products. If you are interested, please send an e-mail.

Photo credits: Roswitha Schneider / Werkraum Bregenzerwald

models from peter zumthor’s studio

current exhibition at werkraum bregenzerwald

In its current exhibition the Werkraum Bregenzerwald shows architectural models from the studio of Peter Zumthor from March 18 to September 16, 2023. The Swiss Architect also designed the Werkraum house in which the exhibition takes place. His models have a special reputation in the world of designers and architects. They stand for material-oriented, constructive thinking, great clarity and a design attitude in which material, construction and form form a unity. Around 40 models are displayed both individually and in clusters, indoor as well as outdoor. The exhibition was curated by Finnish architect and exhibition designer Hannele Grönlund, in collaboration with Peter Zumthor himself. Visitors can look forward to an exciting program of events.

Text: Werkraum Bregenzerwald | Photo credits: Dominic Kummer

parish church sievering

liturgical furniture and church seating for vienna's oldest church

The Sievering parish church is one of the oldest churches in Vienna. On the outside, the gothic-bulit church presents itself as a square stone building with a steeply pitched roof. Starting in 2019, the interior of the church was renovated and redesigned. Artist Leo Zogmayer, who was selected for the project – together with architect Thomas Pauli – entrusted schmidinger möbelbau with the construction of the entire liturgical furniture and all church chairs. The designs were created by the artist.

bosch rexroth ag

office furniture for the customer and innovation center science park 2

The architectural office Braunger Wörtz Architekten Blaustein has already brought schmidinger möbelbau on board for several projects. As part of the new construction of the customer and innovation center Science Park 2 nearby Ulm, Germany, solid wood furniture was delivered for Bosch Rexroth AG. The architects integrated the tables and benches into the modern office landscape in an appealing way. In the conference room, the Sennhaus table stands in its largest version to date, measuring 4.50 x 1.40 meters.

bregenzerwald: live & stay

house p

The spacious wooden house was planned by Firm in Lustenau. The living area is located in the attic. On the floor below is the holiday apartment Holderstauden as well as an acoustically optimized music rehearsal room for hobby and profession. schmidinger möbelbau was entrusted with the design and construction of the entire furniture. A beautiful project to work on.

living with character

apartement mühlegasse

The layout of this exceptional apartment is based on the client’s rough design. Detailed furniture plans as well as the material concept were developed by schmidinger möbelbau’s planning team. The herringbone parquet flooring and the surfaces finished in old white lacquer lend the apartment its special character – to the customer’s delight.

projectwork chair kurt

completion of their apprenticeship joinery technician

The apprenticeship Joinery Technician is offered in Austria with a focus on planning and production. This four-year apprenticeship closes the gap between the three-year carpentry apprenticeship and school- or university-based technician training. schmidinger möbelbau successfully trains apprentices in the field of “Joinery Technology – Production CNC” since many years. “Chair Kurt” by Peter Eberle (schmidinger möbelbau) and Victor Ciola (Tischlerei Andreas Flatz) was created as a CNC projectwork for the completion of their apprenticeship. Despite challenging specifications, Eberle and Ciola succeeded in creating a brilliant and technically advanced design. The chair was made as a variant in American walnut as well as a variant in elm.


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fire hall

"fire hall" vienna central cemetery

In collaboration with architect Christian Tabernig – Projekt CC Graz – schmidinger möbelbau manufactured furniture for the “farewell room” of the crematorium. The fire hall’s expansion by Clemens Holzmeister is achieved by incorporating the characteristic axisymmetry as well as the continuation of the cubic structure as a space-forming design principle. The bench Sennhaus – schmidinger möbelbau collection – was adapted and modified according to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project. The manufactured chair Lapiz is also part of the collection.

dining room

global industrial player relies on quality craftsmanship with architectural appeal

A global industrial player relies on quality craftsmanship with architectural appeal: In collaboration with German designer Christoph Bitzer (interior design), schmidinger möbelbau manufactured the furniture for the new company cafeteria of Memmingen-based Magnet-Schulz GmbH & Co. KG. All tables including the large dining table were made of solid ash wood and finished with oil.

from pantheon to 21st century cathedral

prestige project for schmidinger möbelbau

Through cooperations with international designers and partner companies from the region, schmidinger möbelbau managed early to preserve the advantages of a small craft structure and still act as a reliable partner for furniture projects worldwide. Another international client is now relying on the expertise, the quality of craftsmanship and competence of the team led by Wolfgang Schmidinger: schmidinger möbelbau has been entrusted with the entire furnishing of St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin. Nearly 170 architecture offices participated in the competition for the redesign of the cathedral. The design of Sichau & Walter Architekten BDA in cooperation with the Austrian artist Leo Zogmayer was chosen by the jury. A major advantage in the competition for schmidinger möbelbau was their meanwhile considerable reference list of sacral furniture. The project “Sankt Hedwig Mitte – Katholisches Forum am Bebelplatz” will be completed in spring 2024.

sustainability in store design 

mary rose dornbirn

Mary Rose an excellent example for pioneering thinking and sustainability in practice. In 1990, Stefan Grabher founded his beautiful store in the center of Dornbirn. On the 600m2 first floor, you can find everything you need to make your own place a true home. In the ateliers on the upper floors, the collection of the company-own brand have been created for many years. From the very beginning, schmidinger möbelbau was involved in the planning and construction of the store’s historic part. The consciously chosen, simple, functional and timeless design has endured all these years. Due to mainly technical adaptations, now – 30 years later – a careful modernization of the store was made.

self-sufficiency in energy

mission 2030: austrian climate and energy strategy

In May 2018, the Austrian Ministry for Sustainability defined the strategy required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. However, the strategy is only achievable – it says – if citizens, entrepreneurs and business sectors can be brought on board and given the best possible support. Everyone can contribute to this – for the benefit of climate as well as independence. At the end of 2022, the responsible persons at schmidinger möbelbau consider themselves fortunate and confirmed that they have taken these goals seriously and implemented them completely. We are very grateful for the public support that has helped us to achieve this important investment package.

Since the end of 2021, schmidinger möbelbau has already been producing a predominant share of its daily electricity requirements on the company’s roof. The electricity not required from the around 100 PV modules is stored in batteries, for example to ” refuel” the two electric company vehicles in the evening. The entire heat supply is provided entirely by the company’s own wood waste. Since 2019, the entire production halls have been dedusted via an air filter system and the heat is fed back into the facilities. This not only protects our employees, but also the environment.


success for lucas bernhard

the craftsman’s master’s degree and the academic bachelor’s degree are equal in austria. in line with this requirement as well as the theoretical and practical skills, another employee of our company has earned this title. we congratulate lucas bernhard from wangen, germany. with his masterpiece “hide&seek” – as his multifunctional storage furniture with an integrated small safe is called – lucas set high performance criteria. the different openings are operable from four sides, yet not directly visible. the surface division is inspired by mondrian and based on the principles of the golden cut. the black color on the outer side is achieved by charcoaling with a hot flame. the burnt-in oil seals the surface and enhances the depth effect. this old, traditional method was imparted by master carpenter wolfgang lässer.

design classic

fatty container

the fatty containers have long been associated with schmidinger möbelbau. more than twenty years ago, the “fattys” designed by harri koskinen became part of the furniture collection. its simplicity and functionality still characterize koskinen’s design: the storage furniture, which has become a design classic meanwhile, enjoys great popularity worldwide.

hidden living spaces

revego: an innovation from blum

an innovation from blum: with revego, the new sliding door system with fully integrated technology, entire living spaces are opened for use and then hidden again. revego is characterized by blum’s expertise in movement and handling: thanks to tip-on motion technology, the fronts open with a light tap, no handle is needed. to close, a short press on the door is enough. the door ejects from the pocket; the complete furniture line is hidden. at blum, we are known as a manufacturer of high-quality kitchens and were therefore chosen to test this innovation. first customers are thrilled.

dornbirn 1930

preserving the original character

the small single-family houses of the neighborhood eisplatzgasse in dornbirn, austria, were built in the 1930s. the houses remind of the time when the local textile industry flourished. despite the limited resources, the planning as well as the construction quality were self-evident back then – and thus still worth preserving today. the aim for house k was – in coordination with the city planners – to preserve and restore the original character of the delicate architecture. at the same time, contemporary demands on insulation, building services, usable space, etc. were addressed (baukultur gmbh). this concept also determines the furniture and interior design (schmidinger möbelbau). existing wood types such as fir/spruce and elm combine existing elements with newly interpreted ones.


expertise in solid wood

our new master joiner lukas dörler convinced the expert jury with his masterpiece. even movable parts such as the fully extendable drawer guides are made of solid wood. we congratulate him on this competent performance.


inspirations for designers and architects

architonic is the biggest platform for products, materials and concepts for designers and architects. since the beginning of this year, we have been part of this platform and are positioning ourselves even more clearly as a partner for international clients.

book schmidinger möbelbau

projects and products on 75 pages

anything but a classic image catalogue, rather a collection of projects and products, is our book, which is also available online since the relaunch of our website. on 75 pages, it contains background information on the company’s history and milestones in our development.

news on the web

product ideas and development

in addition to the usual web navigation – furniture collection, tailor-made furniture and sacred spaces – the rubric development is completely new. pieces of furniture are not always included in our furniture collection, but are implemented as prototypes or for competitions. we are constantly developing and experimenting with form, material and production techniques. all this is documented in the new rubric development.

angelika scalet skinconcept

beauty is in you

the essence of beauty comes from within. angelika scalet skinconcept stands for naturalness and competence, which is reflected in the new studio in bezau. schmidinger möbelbau is responsible for interior and furniture design. white leather, deep matt white surfaces and natural oak wood were used.

competition handwerk+form 2018

submissions from schmidinger möbelbau

handwerk+form is one of the most important design competitions in craft and a notable initiator for the regional craft culture in bregenzerwald in exchange with national and international designers. this year we are represented with nine product submissions.

invitation to the exhibition tour

new ideas presented in old workshops

for the eighth time already, the exhibition handwerk+form opens doors and gates for those interested in architecture and crafts. the werkraum bregenzerwald presents 120 products on a special village tour through old workshops. starting point is the werkraumhaus in andelsbuch. we warmly invite you: the exhibition tour is open daily from 13th to 14th and from 18th to 21st october from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

SaloneSatellite. 20 anni di nuova creatività

Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

schmidinger möbelbau präsentiert auf der SaloneSatellite – 20 anni di nuova creatività  – Hockerkiste Fatty Container 7100.

imm köln

international furniture fair from january 16h to 22nd

the imm cologne shows a variety of furniture innovations and trends, quality and internationality. prestigious exibitors from all over the world meet and present their new ideas. visit us at booth nr. 010 / hall 2.2 / aisle O. for more information visit imm-cologne.de

apprenticeship at schmidinger möbelbau

from frankfurt to the bregenzerwald

to complete an apprenticeship as a joinery technician in the bregenzerwald, dirk vosding left his home frankfurt. since then, dirk lives in schwarzenberg and works for schmidinger möbelbau. we are proud and congratulate him for finishing his apprenticeship examination with distinction. journeyman’s piece case-cupboard and project work chairs from dirk vosding.

alpenkäse bregenzerwald

tradition und regionalität

die firma alpenkäse bregenzerwald sennerei ist der größte käseproduzent im bregenzerwald. für diesen betrieb, der auf traditionelle weise und vor allem gentechnikfrei auf allen produktionsstufen verschiedene hart- und schnittkäse herstellt, durften wir bereits das 4. fachgeschäft einrichten.

princeton university new jersey us

internationale zusammenarbeit

das von steven holl entworfene lewis center for the arts an der princeton university ist ein neuer campus für theater, tanz und musik, bestehend aus drei gebäuden. die inneneinrichtung aller gebäude wird individuell gestaltet. einige modelle unserer möbelkollektion stehen zur auswahl und sind am weg nach new jersey.

werkraumschau farb

15. oktober bis 27. mai: gestalten mit farbe

im rahmen der werkraumschau farb zeigen betriebe ihren bewussten oder intuitiven umgang mit dem gestaltungselement farbe. diese ausstellung wurde vom atelier roland stecher gestaltet. wir freuen uns auf ihren besuch im werkraumhaus. di bis sa von 10 bis 18 uhr.

werkraum bregenzerwald

unesco auszeichnung

die geschichte des werkraum bregenzerwald ist vergleichsweise noch jung, aber seine kontinuierliche arbeit und erfolgsstory zur weiterentwicklung und wirtschaftlichen sicherung des handwerks tragen früchte. für die erhaltung und weitergabe immateriellen kulturerbes, wurde der werkraum bregenzerwald nun mit höchster würde der unesco ausgezeichnet.

THOMAS FEICHTNER | Design Unplugged

28. Januar 2016 bis 02. April 2016

Design, nicht mit der vollen Orchestrierung aller digitalen Möglichkeiten, sondern reduziert auf Bleistift und Papier, ist auch Thema von Thomas Feichtner’s Publikation „Design Unplugged“, herausgegeben von der Bildrecht und dem MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst/Gegenwartskunst, die im Rahmen der Finissage im Bildraum Bodensee vorgestellt wird. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Werkraum Bregenzerwald wird zeitgleich zur Ausstellung ein neuer Stuhlentwurf Feichtners von dem Möbelbauer Wolfgang Schmidinger produziert und ebenfalls bei der Finissage erstmals präsentiert.

handwerk+form 2015

ausstellungsrundgang in andelsbuch

alle drei jahre lädt der werkraum zum wettbewerb handwerk+form, um die zusammenarbeit von lokalen handwerkern und internationalen entwerfern zu fördern. die 115 einreichungen werden in einem rundgang gezeigt, der durch ehemaligen werkstätten und wirtschaftsgebäuden in andelsbuch führt. die ausstellung ist am 10. und 11. oktober sowie von 15. bis 18. oktober 2015 täglich von 10 bis 18 uhr geöffnet. mehr unter

dietrich untertrifaller

mit maß und nach maß

wir haben das große glück, in einer region zu leben und zu arbeiten, die von beeindruckender naturschönheit ebenso geprägt ist, wie von herausragender architektur. seit jahren dürfen wir für und mit dem internationalen büro von helmut dietrich und much untertrifaller anspruchsvolle projekte realisieren – vom wohnhaus bis zum museum. mehr unter

neu und prämiert

wenn sich gute form und gutes handwerk treffen

die erfolgreiche zusammenarbeit mit renommierten entwerfern begann 1990 mit dem damenschreibtisch von helmut galler. dieses jahr sind wir mit fünf neuen entwürfen beim wettbewerb handwerk+form vertreten und freuen uns über gleich drei prämierungen: eine auszeichnung für den stuhl lorena, eine anerkennung für die handeingezogenen bürsten und besen und eine belobigung für die garderobe bertl.

a chair von steven holl

zwischen sitzgelegenheit, skulptur und raumgedanke

seit vielen jahren verbindet uns eine anregende partnerschaft mit dem bekannten amerikanischen architekturbüro. der „a chair“ ist ein eckstuhl, der von steven holl für eine ausstellung entworfen wurde, an der zaha hadid, mark mack, jim jennings, lars lerup, mike metz, livio dimitriu, anthony pellecchia, lebbeus woods, lawrence rouch, william stout, james holl und er selbst beteiligt waren. mehr unter


aktuelle technik für ein altes handwerk

manche dinge brauchen einfach zeit. anderes mögen wir eher zügig. zum beispiel unsere cnc-fertigung. hier sind präzision, flexibilität und auch geschwindigkeit sehr willkommen. deshalb haben wir mit unserem linzer partner schachermayer unser weeke-holzbearbeitungszentrum erneuert und erweitert.


innehalten im alltag einer großklinik

das universitätsklinikum frankfurt am main versorgt jährlich über 250.000 patienten. im rahmen der modernisierung der klinik durch die münchner architekten nickl & partner wurde die kapelle nach entwürfen von künstler leo zogmayer und architekt thomas pauli neu gestaltet. wir haben für sie die sakralmöbel aus heimischem nussbaum gefertigt.


ländliches idyll auf der höhe der zeit

sie ist fast so schön wie der bregenzerwald, die oberbayrische landschaft um den tegernsee. das boutique-hotel „das tegernsee“ steht dem in nichts nach. das münchner architekturbüro landau+kindelbacher hat gemeinsam mit unserem partner designfunktion aus münchen den stuhl trix auserkoren.

st. ruprecht

stille, einkehr und gemeinschaft

der architekt werner-lorenz kircher hat die evangelische kirche st. ruprecht im kärtner landskron, die auf das jahr 1785 zurück geht, behutsam renoviert und aktualisiert. wir freuen uns, dass wir mit unserem stuhl exsel und einem eigens angefertigten altartisch einen beitrag zu diesem innenraum leisten konnten.

ambiente 2015

neuheiten, ideen und trends vom 13. bis 17. Februar

die ambiente in frankfurt ist die international bedeutendste konsumgütermesse und bietet eine weltweit einzigartige produktvielfalt. sie ist richtungsweisend für wohnen, einrichten und dekorieren. besuchen sie uns auf unserem stand e59 in der halle 11.0.

handwerk+form 2015

das zusammenspiel von entwurf und ausführung

in 2015 international design and local handcraft culture get connected for the seventh time: the competition handwerk+form, organised and hosted by werkraum vorarlberg, takes place every third year. some of our most successful products, for example our chair trix, are the result of this competition. we are looking forward to exciting impressions.

kapelle johann-wolfgang-goethe klinik

erster preis beim international geladenen kunstwettbewerb 2002

2002 gewann Künstler Leo Zogmayer den international geladenen Kunstwettbewerb zur Gestaltung der Kapelle in der Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universitätsklinik in Frankfurt. In seinem Auftrag realisierten wir im Frühjahr 2014 die Möblierung und Innenausstattung der Kapelle.

Künstlerische Gestaltung: Leo Zogmayer und thomas n pauli, Wien
Architektur: nickl & partner, München


neuheiten, ideen und trends vom 7. bis 11. februar

die ambiente in frankfurt ist die international bedeutendste konsumgütermesse und bietet eine eine weltweit einzigartigen produktvielfalt. sie ist richtungsweisend für wohnen, einrichten und dekorieren. besuchen sie uns auf unserem stand d93 in der halle 9.