225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Detlef Bluhm-2022-14
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Sichau Walter Architekten-Rendering-2
Objekt-Sakral-Freisteller-12-Adolf Bereuter
Objekt-Sakral-Freisteller-09-Adolf Bereuter
Objekt-Sakral-Freisteller-11-Adolf Bereuter
Realisierungswettbewerb Umgestaltung St. Hedwigs Kathedrale
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Detlef Bluhm-2022-11
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Detlef Bluhm-2022-13
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Detlef Bluhm-2021-6

Work in progress | schmidinger möbelbau has been entrusted with the entire furnishing of St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin. The commission includes a considerable amount of liturgical furniture, including church chairs, stools, gift tables and vitrines, among others for the famous “Neapolitan Crib”. Sacred objects – such as crosses, altar and tabernacle – according to the designs of Austrian artist Leo Zogmayer are manufactured in a wide variety of materials in schmidinger möbelbau’s workshop, Bregenzerwald, as well. Eight years ago, schmidinger möbelbau already delivered prototypes for this prestigious sacral project in Berlin. Nearly 170 architecture offices participated in the competition for the redesign of the cathedral. The design of Sichau & Walter Architekten BDA in cooperation with the Austrian artist Leo Zogmayer was chosen by the jury. A major advantage in the competition for schmidinger möbelbau was their meanwhile considerable reference list of sacral furniture. The project “Sankt Hedwig Mitte – Katholisches Forum am Bebelplatz” will be completed in spring 2024.

Further information: Through cooperations with international designers and partner companies from the region, schmidinger möbelbau managed early to preserve the advantages of a small craft structure and still act as a reliable partner for furniture projects worldwide. Another international client is now relying on the expertise, the quality of craftsmanship and competence of the team led by Wolfgang Schmidinger: schmidinger möbelbau has been entrusted with the entire furnishing of St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin. A major competitive advantage for schmidinger möbelbau was the considerable reference list of furniture for sacred rooms. In almost 20 years, the former “niche market” has developed to a significant economic factor for the company. In 2022, numerous projects have already been implemented: schmidinger möbelbau built furniture for the “Fire Hall“ at Central Cemetery in Vienna, the Catholic Church in Sievering, Vienna, as well as the “Mourning Hall” in Erbach, Eltville.

sankt hedwig mitte | berlin (germany)
General contractor Sankt Hewig Mitte, Erzbistum Berlin →
Architecture Sichau & Walter Architekten BDA →
Architecture, furniture design Leo Zogmayer →
Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
Photography (Cathedral reconstruction) Detlef Bluhm →
Renderings & Drafts Sichau & Walter Architekten BDA
Objekt-Sakral-Verlauf-28-Adolf Bereuter
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Sichau Walter Architekten-Plan-1
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Sichau Walter Architekten-Modell
Produktion Sankt Hedwig-225400-Günther Voppichler016 SW
Produktion Sankt Hedwig-225400-Günther Voppichler015 SW
Produktion-Sakral Stuhl-Mohr Polster-April2023-Günther Voppichler-010 SW
Produktion-Sakral Stuhl-Mohr Polster-April2023-Günther Voppichler-017 SW
Produktion-Sakral Stuhl-Mohr Polster-April2023-Günther Voppichler-014 SW
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225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Detlef Bluhm-2022-16
225400-Sankt Hedwig Mitte-Sichau Walter Architekten-Plan-2