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In cooperation with German designer Christoph Bitzer (interior design), schmidinger möbelbau manufactured large dining tables, bar tables “Model Sennhaus” as well as small dining tables with metal frame for Magnet-Schulz GmbH & Co. KG. All furniture is made of light ash (solid wood) and treated with an oiled surface.

magnet-schulz gmbh | memmingen (germany)
Interior design, furniture design CBD - Christoph Bitzer Design →
Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
Photography (Project) Alwin Zwibel →
Photography (Production) Günther Voppichler
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Produktion-Magnetschulz-24000--Günther Voppichler-023 ORG 003 SW
Produktion-Magnetschulz-24000--Günther Voppichler-023 ORG 008 SW
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Produktion-062022-Günther Voppichler-039 SW 2
Mitarbeiter-Günther Voppichler-062022-042 SW 2
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