Barhocker und Kaffeetisch Handwerk und Form 2018  | Foto Johannes Fink
Hocker Rafael Pena 1 CP Markus Sippl
Hocker Rafael Pena 3 CP Markus Sippl
Barhocker und Kaffeetisch 01  | Foto Johannes Fink

The design idea of Munich-based designer Rafael Peña was and is the fusion of nature and industrial structures. On the one hand, there are the endless rugged expanses of the Midwest in the USA and the narrowness of the green valleys of our Alps; on the other hand, there are the steel high-voltage pylons that cut through both landscapes. This design idea resulted in two pieces of furniture, a bar stool and coffee table, which schmidinger möbelbau made in collaboration with Peña for the craft competition Handwerk+Form 2018. The matching stool complemented the series later.

Bar stool, stool and coffee table, wettbewerb handwerk+form 2018
Furniture design FourSides, Rafael Peña →
Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
33 x 61 cm (Durchmesser, Höhe) | 50 x 43 cm (Durchmesser, Höhe) | Eiche Natur und geräuchert
Hocker Rafael Pena 2 CP Markus Sippl
Barhocker und Kaffeetisch_Handwerk+Form2018_184105_Entwicklung_06