LaPila LaMadera 
Handwerk und Form 2018 | Foto Johannes Fink

The signature of Christian Steiner is recognizable in several objects of the schmidinger möbelbau collection. His minimalist concept distinguishes the Austrian designer, it is about clear solutions. Function, construction and form build a unity. For the craft competition Handwerk+Form 2018, Steiner created furniture designs in collaboration with schmidinger möbelbau again, including the chair LaMadera. The cross-section of the chair has been chosen to balance weight and stability, making it easy to carry the object with one hand. The design was submitted together with the stackable version of the chair Lapiz (pictured right).

Chair LaMadera, wettbewerb handwerk+form 2018
Furniture design Christian Steiner →
Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
46,5 x 48 x 83 cm (Höhe), stapelbar | 48,5 x 48 x 79 cm (Höhe) | Eiche Natur
LaPila LaMadera 02 Foto Johannes Fink
Stuhl LaPila und Stuhl LaMadera_Handwerk+Form2018_184107_Entwicklung_04