Hängeleuchte BrettL 
Handwerk und Form 2018 | Foto Johannes Fink
Hängeleuchte BrettL 03  | Foto Johannes Fink
Handwerk und Form 2018  | Foto Johannes Fink

Designer Christian Steiner and schmidinger möbelbau share a longstanding, successful collaboration. Steiner himself describes the collaboration as “constructive from the very beginning. If a design had potential, Wolfgang Schmidinger always aimed to get more out of it.” The designs of some collection objects were created by the Austrian designer, including the chairs Lorena, Exsel and Lapiz. Steiner and schmidinger möbelbau once again collaborated for the craft competition Handwerk+Form 2018 and – among other submissions – realized the LED suspension lamp BrettL. The lamp consists of an LED module mounted on an aluminum plate and a board connected to it with cone-shaped holes at each LED point. The angle is chosen so that, on the one hand, light is reflected on the cone surfaces and thus “absorb” the warm color of the wood, and on the other hand, the people sitting at the table are not dazzled.

LED lamp BrettL, wettbewerb handwerk+form 2018
Furniture design Christian Steiner →
Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
101 x 11 x 2,5 cm | Nussbaum und Esche
Hängeleuchte BrettL 04 Foto Johannes Fink
Hängeleuchte BrettL_Handwerk+Form2018_184106_Entwicklung_01