Walfueda-Adolf Bereuter-09

Gernot Sutterlüty is a trained healing masseur and has been working intensively with people on a self-employed basis since 1997, supported by his special mental-spiritual abilities. In his search for the ideal as well as simple tool for treatments, the Walfueda wooden sticks were created in cooperation with schmidinger möbelbau. They are used for the targeted massage of vital points, to awaken life spirits and release blockages that inhibit the body’s own energy.

All thirteen wooden sticks are made of local woods: the secret of Walfueda lies in the use of different, carefully selected wood types, which resonate with the body and allow a precise application due to their harmonious shape. In the selection of the materials, Wolfgang Schmidinger was significantly involved with his knowledge of the subtle effect of wood types, which has grown over the years.

The wooden sticks were submitted to the competition Handwerk+Form in 2006 and were commended by the jury.

Walfueda tool for treatment, wettbewerb handwerk+form 2006
Concept, Design gernot sutterlüty
Concept, Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
Implementation drechslerei steurer
maße Ø 16 x 185cm, heimische holzarten, einheiten einzelstifte, drei stück pro filz-etui oder dreizehn stück pro holzkassette