Erweiterung Krematorium Wien    10.2022         projektCC zt gmb
Erweiterung Krematorium Wien    10.2022         projektCC zt gmb
Erweiterung Krematorium Wien    10.2022         projektCC zt gmb
Erweiterung Krematorium Wien    10.2022         projektCC zt gmb
222301-ZFH Feuerhalle-Außenaufnahme-Christian Tabernig-2732
222301-ZFH Feuerhalle-Außenaufnahme-Christian Tabernig-2757
10300-Bank Sennhaus RL Polster-Adolf Bereuter-16
10300-Bank Sennhaus RL Polster-Adolf Bereuter-28

Manufacture of benches and chairs for the extension of the crematorium in the Vienna Central Cemetery (“Fire Hall“). In collaboration with architect Christian Tabernig – Projekt CC Graz bench Sennhaus was adapted and modified according to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project. The integrated chair Lapiz is part of schmidinger möbelbau’s furniture collection. Both benches and chairs are made of solid oak wood (oiled).

Further information: The coherence of the fire hall’s expansion by Clemens Holzmeister is achieved by incorporating the characteristic axisymmetry as well as the continuation of the cubic structure as a space-forming design principle. In the “room for farewell”, a sensitive perception of space is generated by views into the landscape as well as the folding roof construction, which is effectively staged with light. This gives this emotional moment of remembrance and farewell a dignified setting. Competition 11 2019 | Start of construction 06 2021 | Completion 09 2022

“fire hall” central cemetery | vienna (a)
General contractor B&F Wien - Bestattung und Friedhöfe GmbH
Project management Hans Lechner ZT →
Architecture Architekturbüro Projekt CC Graz, Christian Tabernigg →
Manufacture benches & chairs schmidinger möbelbau
Photography (project) Paul Ott →
Photography (fire hall) Architekturbüro Projekt CC Graz, Christian Tabernigg →
Photography (objects) Adolf Bereuter →
Photography (production) Günther Voppichler
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-004 SW
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-006 SW
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-028 SW
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-029 SW
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-031 SW
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-030 SW
Produktion-ZFH Feuerhalle-222301-Günther Voppichler-032 SW
10300-Bank Sennhaus RL Polster-Adolf Bereuter-31
10300-Bank Sennhaus RL Polster-Adolf Bereuter-29
6500-Lapiz-Adolf Bereuter-01
6500-Lapiz-Adolf Bereuter-05