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134500-GSA-Iwan Baan-14-01 6711
134500-GSA-Iwan Baan-14-01 7774
134500-GSA-Iwan Baan-14-04 6859
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Manufacture of collection objects table “mitte der fünften stunde” and chair exsel for the premises of the GSA Glasgow School of Art (art college in Glasgow, Great Britain). All furniture is finished in light ash.

The work for the GSA is one of several projects realized in collaboration with internationally renowned architect Steven Holl.

gsa glasgow school of art | glasgow (uk)
Architecture GSA Steven Holl, STEVEN HOLL ARCHITECTS, New York →
Administrator Dominik Sigg, Dimitra Tsachrelia
Local architecture partner Craig Tait, jmarchitects, Glasgow →
Local project partner Azzuro Ltd, Graeme Bodel, Scotland →
Design "table mitte der fünften stunde" Christoph Bitzer →
Design chair exsel Christian Steiner →
Manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
Photography (project) Iwan Baan →
Photography (objects) Adolf Bereuter →
6400-Exsel-Adolf Bereuter-02
2400-Tisch Mitte der fünften Stunde-Adolf Bereuter-08
2400-Tisch Mitte der fünften Stunde-Adolf Bereuter-07