194900-Haus L-Adolf Bereuter-01
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194900-Haus L-Adolf Bereuter-05

Concept, design and manufacture of a new kitchen in a historic ‘Rheintal” house using fir wood (untreated), matt synthetic resin surfaces and stainless steel. The historic floor partially retained. Integration of collection objects table sennhaus and chair lorena in the dining area. Finishing in maple wood.

house l | dornbirn (a)
Site management baukultur gmbh →
Architecture baukultur gmbh, Sebastian Greber →
Design chair lorena Christian Steiner →
Furniture design, manufacture schmidinger möbelbau
Photography Adolf Bereuter →
194900-Haus L-Adolf Bereuter-04
10000-Tisch Sennhaus-Adolf Bereuter-01
12100-Lorena-Adolf Bereuter-01